Saturday, August 4, 2012

Small update

Hey Gamers/artist and a like,

I'm doing a small post this week since I've been busy with the art test. So I haven't done anything on my personal projects just yet. This week there's a small overview of the work of Paul Pepera. He's (coincidentally) also a 3D-artist at 343 Industries, like David who we've discussed last week.
Anyways, Paul also does some photography in his spare time and looks promising. Be sure to have a look at his photo folio and his 3D portfolio.

Photo folio


Recently I've bought the art book of Gears of War 3 and I happened to be one of the first hundred customers! At first I didn't know if I'd even receive it but it turned out to be a small surprise. Now I just need to find a decent frame for it!

Thanks for your time and please share the blog with other artist and friends!

Have a good weekend!


Stefan Groenewoud
Junior 3D-artist

I do not own the rights concerning the work of Paul Pepera, I am just sharing my thoughts and interesting artwork to other artist out there.

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