Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mirror's Edge shader tests

I did some UDK shader experimentation with the style from the game Mirror's Edge in mind. I tested the materials Indoor as well as Outdoor. This gave me a good understanding how the material might react. Keep in mind these are basic material tests, so for a real environment I'd take more time to texture individual assets for example.

Also, I've been working on my Post Apocalyptic environment, I didn't do any drastic changes with the composition but I am working on adding vehicles, extra buildings and small details to make the scene feel more "alive".

All colors can be tweaked with just one texture e.g. with a greyscale concrete texture I can create a red/green/blue one with the same shadersetup.

Reference Sheet

I might do a scene based on this shader study also all feedback is welcome!

Shader Testing

Part 2 of the indoor materials

Metal Shader Overview [WORK IN PROGRESS]
These are not the final settings of the metal mastershader but for testing the bounce light in UDK it was pretty handy. On assets within an environment, fine tuning the shaders would be easier in my opinion.