Sunday, July 29, 2012

Week of the art test

Hello readers!

Time went by very quickly the past week or so it seemed to me. I have to keep this blog post rather short because I have an art test to do! Hopefully I'll be able to land a job this way at the company. I'm really looking forward to work for a game company again and expand my knowledge concerning 3d-art even more.

I also wanted to show a small update for my post-apocalyptic environment, where I've made a modular floor system and I started retexturing the foliage. Reason for re-doing the foliage was, if I'd look at it from a mid-distance the hanging Ivy would look like one green smudgy stain. At the moment I'm focusing on my art test and I'll revisit it as soon as possible 'cause I'm really looking forward to dress up the post-apoca scene more. I already have a list with assets I think that would fit the scene and could enhance the atmosphere.

The artist of this week is David Lesperance. Currently he is working as a Senior Environment Artist at 343 Industries. As far as I know he (unfortunately) doesn't show off real-time 3D-art on his blog or portfolio but I really do love his artwork. It has a lot of detail and always feels believable. You should really checkout his blog and get inspired by his work. It's worth your time.

That's it for now, I'm going to get back to work now and try to make this art test as awesome as possible. So please keep your fingers crossed for me ;) haha, have a good Sunday y'all. =]

David's blog
David's portfolio

Thanks for your time and please share the blog with other artist and friends!


Stefan Groenewoud
Junior 3D-artist

I do not own the rights concerning the work of David Lesperance, I am just sharing my thoughts and interesting artwork to other artist out there.

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