Sunday, August 19, 2012

Post Apoca Update

Hey readers,

Right after I was done with the art test I got back on my post apoca scene I'm was working on. I wanted to fill up the bar first so I could get a decent part of the scene ready. Reason why I'm doing this is, it keeps me motivated and since it's a large scene to work on but also I can make a good screenshot already for in my portfolio. Normally I'm not a big fan of work in progress screenshots in my portfolio. But this time I really want to show off I'm capable of doing environment art, this can be modeling to texturing and set dressing efficiently. This is a huge challenge for me since I've never made a big outside atmosphere before.

Besides that, I'm also looking forward to make some camera materials in UDK. Like a vignette effect and chromatic aberration effect within the engine.

Well I'm off again, it's way too hot here in the Netherlands.

Thanks for your time and please share the blog with other artist and friends!

Have a good evening!


Stefan Groenewoud
Junior 3D-artist

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