Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dressing the bar interior

Hey all,

It has been two weeks already since I've posted the last blog post! I just have a quick update for you guys about my post apoca scene. Filling up the bar took a bit longer because I was experimenting with several ways to light up the interior. I got inspired by a book I'm reading about setting up proper lighting setups in 3D-rendering (mainly focused on Mental Ray or other non real-time rendering) but it's very helpful, for me at least. It goes from the basic lighting tools all the fancy light baking processes with GI. So for environment and lighting artists this can be quite helpful too.

Anyways, for now I'll call the bar interior done. I'll revisit the bar later when the exterior is more dressed up too.

That's it for now if you have feedback, don't hesitate to contact me! I think I'm going to play Counter Strike Global Offensive, just to clear my head for a moment.

Thanks for your time and please share the blog with other artist and friends!

Have a good evening!


Stefan Groenewoud
Junior 3D-artist

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