Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hunting for a junior position

As an entry-level 3D artist it has become a bit hard for me to land a job. You probably can imagine that it's very depressing for a beginning artist if you get rejected by companies for without a reason or you won't get any feedback after some art-tests. So at least I know what I should be improving to become a better artist. And if a company would give me a chance for an art test, they say "if you have any questions you can always contact us" but I found out the hard way it doesn't always work out like that. If a briefing is very vaguely described it's a bit hard to follow up to the expectations of the company. I didn't get any replies after I asked questions about a certain art-test but I've already lost 2 days out of my 7 days art test.

At the moment I'm just a bit sick of the games industry, on the one hand other artists say I have a decent portfolio and on the other hand companies don't even seem to bother and have a look at my work. I'm really having doubts if I should continue to pursue this "dream" I had for a long time. I mean, how can I improve if I don't get any feedback?

I've always tried to be nice and tread all these companies with respect since it's a small world. But it doesn't seem to pay off for me any time.


Stefan Groenewoud

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