Sunday, September 1, 2013

Holiday & Artwork update

Hey readers,

I'm a few days back from my break on Curacao (an old colony of the Netherlands in the Caribbean for you who don't know where it is ;) ). During my stay I had the urge to write down a new blog post. So here I am back again, ready to work and write my new post where I share the ideas I have for the upcoming few weeks or so.
During my stay it was pretty strange to notice the cultural differences and the amazing landscapes I had the chance to see. I loved the atmosphere and the lovely foods! Oh another thing I noticed was the huge increase of the prices since I was there 'bout 7 years ago.


For a while I was looking into what kind of environment I was going to pick up next. The Mirror's Edge shader work was mainly a test for me but now I really want to try and push it towards an environment that would fit in the style and game seamlessly. This is a great chance for me to improve my 2D art skills. Also I guessed this is also a possibility to try out the CryEngine once again after many months/almost a year. I wanted to check out what the main differences are between the latest available UDK installment or CryEngine.

Here is the second pass on my shader in Cryengine, I re-used the same textures from UDK with a few tweaks to replicate the style.

Thanks for your time!

Stefan Groenewoud
Freelance 3D-artist

I am just sharing my thoughts and interesting artwork to other artists out there. This blog is used for educational purposes and/or tracking of Stefan Groenewoud his personal work.

The large screeny is my first pass of the my shader interpretation of the ref screenshot, it still needs a bit of polish on the contrast side but I'll keep that for Post Processing.

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