Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Look On The Crysis Franchise

Hello my trusty readers!

Last time I talked about Lighting-artists and some composition rules, I'm very glad this article got very well received by other artists! It's nice to see some support and it also keeps me motivated to keep writing these articles. I really do enjoy writing these small articles and keeping them diverse every time.
By the way, I recently got my hands on Halo 4 and I'm a huge fan of this game, I enjoyed it way more then some of the previous Halo games. I must say 343 Industries really raised the bar for graphics on the 360. Also, don't forget to checkout the Steam Holiday Sale, but be warned! They already got their hands on my wallet again like last year, they might get their hands on yours too.

Since last time I had in mind to compare the changes within a certain game franchise in this console generation, not only by "just" comparing the texture resolutions. My personal curiosity really went towards the positioning of the weaponry and the epic scaliness of the environments. The first game that came to mind was Crysis 3 compared to Crysis 2, these are very intense games on graphics.
It's not completely fair to compare Crysis 3 (which has not been released yet) to Crysis 2, since it's not a final product.
Side note: I recently tried out the (multiplayer) Alpha version of the game. Crytek really did a great job on creating even more believable environments. Although some might complain on the heavy chromatic aberration effect as a lens effect  I really love it but I understand few people out there might dislike it.


Personally I don't see a huge difference concerning the texture resolution with the weapons nor the polycount. The example below shows exactly what I mean.

Also the weapons positioning has been changed in Crysis 3, the hands/armor are way more visible. The guns are more believable positioned with the barrel slightly pointed towards the centrepoint of the screen. One thing I noticed is how much space a weapon is actually using on the screen, I'm estimating it around 20% (with an exception on the bow).




I really dig the enhanced epic scaling that has been done in Crysis 3. I'm guessing Crytek really knew how too push the hardware on the consoles with these huge environments that can be a big load for console and PC. Crysis 2 was their first Crysis game on the consoles and probably that's why the environments aren't that hugely scaled, for Crysis 3 they seemed to have taken more time to develop really interesting environments which payed off.


I just managed to complete this article before New Years in Holland haha. It seemed like a small objective I wanted to finish before New Years! One of my resolutions for next year is, creating a better portfolio and planning out my work more evenly.

Sorry if it wasn't much in-depth information on art creation but I'd like to hear if you guys thought it was kind of an interesting look on game development.

By the way, I did my first piece of (finished) 2D concept art. I really like to do some weapon concept art stuff but it takes a lot of time ;).

Best wishes and a happy new Year!


Stefan Groenewoud
Freelance 3D-artist

I do not own the rights concerning the work of Crytek, I am just sharing my thoughts and interesting artwork to other artists out there. This blog is used for educational purposes and/or tracking of Stefan Groenewoud his personal work.

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